Why pricing yourself low may drive others nuts – and why it’s bad for you.

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Time to analyze everyone’s favorite bitch session – the photographer who charges very little for their services and/or goods.  This invariably leads to a lynch mob of photographers claiming that the pittance charger is ruining the industry, and another mob amasses reasoning why low prices are good – or really, making excuses for them.

So, I’m going to break down some reasoning, and why pricing yourself well under market is bad for YOU.  (Because honestly, that’s who really matters in your business.  It doesn’t matter what your neighbor, sister, or some random person on the internet may think.)

1. We all start somewhere!

Well, sorta.  Yes, we all start at the very beginning, and build up tools and skills required to do the job, like any other trade.  What you don’t tend to see are other trades going into business long before they’re ready.  Imagine what kind of mess a…

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